James A. Ibers
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Photos from the symposium are in the Stories section.

The purpose of this web is to organize a symposium in honour of Prof. James A. Ibers and to plan a reunion of former and present Ibers group members.

Check out where your colleagues are now, in the Members section. Help us locate your missing fellow group members!


Do you know the e-mail addresses of the following people? If so, please let me know (arthur.mar@ualberta.ca) or ask them to contact me.  In some cases, we have snail-mail addresses and affiliations, but to contact them efficiently, we need their e-mail.

  • Ahmed, Jamil  P76
  • Aleandri, Lorraine  P87-88
  • Brown, Leo  P75-77
  • Bunch, David  G78-79
  • Christuk, Amy  G91-92
  • Christuk, Christopher  G90-92
  • Corfield, Peter  P65-67
  • Coyle, Bernard  G66-69
  • Dymock, Kenneth  P74
  • Francis, James  P69-70
  • Goodman, Walter  G78-83
  • Hadjikyriacou, Anastasios  P90-91
  • Hoffman, Paul  P75-76
  • Jason, Mark  P76-77
  • Kang, Doris  U83-87
  • Keane, Patricia  G88-92
  • Klassman, Andrew  G75-76
  • Lai, Kochih  G77-78
  • Little, Robert  P72-74
  • Liu, Chui  P67-68
  • Maltese, Patricia  G69-71
  • McAdam, Alexander  P69-70
  • McGinnety, John  P65-67
  • Miller, Douglas  G89-93
  • Miyamae, Hiroshi  P84
  • Molinaro, Frank  G73-77
  • Pace, Laurel  G77-82
  • Peterson, Heidi  G92-93
  • Roof, Lisa  P93-95
  • Sam, Ramjee  P93-94
  • Salm, Robert  G91-95
  • Schlodder, Rainer  P73-74
  • Schramm, Kathleen  G75-77
  • Shang, Maoyu  P83-84
  • Simon, Kalman  P75-77
  • Snow, Michael  P71-72
  • Sparapany, John  P85-87
  • Stanton, Judith  G80-85
  • Wilson, Robert  P76-78
  • Zitzmann, Joan  G78-79

E-mail addresses that don't work:

  • gleizes@cpat.upse-tlse.fr
  • barbara.huddock@akzo-nobel.com
  • ricci@mail.usm.maine.edu
  • scaringe@kodak.com


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