A Program for the Refinement of Crystal Structures

by George M. Sheldrick

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Program and File Organization

The '.ins' Instruction File - General Organization

Examples of SHELXL-93 Structure Refinements

The '.hkl' Reflection Data File

Why Does SHELXL-93 Refine against F2?

CIF Archive Format

Treatment of Hydrogen Atoms

Restraints, Constraints and Group Fitting, and Disorder

Macromolecules and Other Structures with a Poor Data/Parameter Ratio

Absolute Structure

Twinned Crystals and Refinement against Powder Data

The '.ins' Instruction File - Detailed Specification

Reflection Data Input and Massaging

Atom Lists and Least-Squares Constraints

The Connectivity List

Least-Squares Restraints

Least-Squares Organization

Lists and Tables

Fourier, Peak Search and Line Printer Plots

Further Information


SHELXL-93 and CIF Archive Format: A Note for Referees

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